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DiamondGlow Diamond Tip Device + SkinMedica Serums Deliver Stunning Results

If you’re dealing with forehead lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, age spots, and other common types of facial skin issues, there is a non-invasive way to effectively correct these, so you won’t feel frustrated every time you look in the mirror. The DiamondGlow skin resurfacing facial treatment is the latest non-invasive cosmetic procedure to correct these common signs of skin aging.

What is DiamondGlow and what makes it different?

DiamondGlow is a three-step facial treatment that goes beyond your typical wet facial or skin resurfacing procedure. Using a diamond tip wand, it first exfoliates the skin to remove dirt on the skin’s surface. Next, the device accesses the layer beneath the surface to extract deep-seated dirt, particularly dirt that’s clogging the pores. This two-step exfoliating and extracting process prepares the skin for the final step, which is infusing serums into the skin.

The serum to be used will depend on each patient’s specific skin issues. These are specially formulated SkinMedica Serums to strengthen and protect the skin, even out your skin tone, and keep the skin healthy, among other things.

Several things make DiamondGlow different from other non-invasive cosmetic treatments for correcting common signs of skin aging. First, there is the diamond tip device used for the procedure. There are six diamond tips for the DiamondGlow procedure, and there are about five different SkinMedica Serums used for the procedure as well.

What this means for you is that your doctor or aesthetician will be able to create a treatment plan specific to your needs. This is what makes DiamondGlow one of the most effective non-invasive cosmetic treatments today for fine lines, wrinkles, skin discoloration, and other common facial skin issues that develop as an effect of skin aging.

How long do sessions last and how many do you need?

DiamondGlow treatment sessions usually take only about 30 to 45 minutes. You will not believe that a quick and painless procedure can deliver stunning results, but it does!

As for the number of sessions, this depends on your actual skin condition. Typically, three to four sessions are recommended for your initial treatment. Follow-up treatments are usually one to two sessions only.

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