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What is RADIESSE dermal filler?
Radiesse dermal filler is an injectable for facial folds and wrinkles. Calcium Hydroxylapatite has a history of safe use in otology (ears), laryngeal (vocal chords), dentistry, and orthopedic applications.

What is RADIESSE dermal filler used for?
RADIESSE dermal filler is used to fill moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, such as Nasolabial folds – the creases that extend from the corner of your nose to the corner of your mouth. RADIESSE filler will not correct the underlying causes.

Can RADIESSE dermal filler work for me?
This important question will be decided at the time of your complimentary consultation. Other dermal fillers and lasers will be considered as well to give you the best, natural appearing result. You should not use RADIESSE dermal filler if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. You should also not choose RADIESSE filler if you desire only short term results.

How long do treatment effects last?
Although treatment effects will differ for each person, in a clinical study, RADIESSE dermal filler lasted up to twelve months.

Do injections of RADIESSE dermal filler hurt?
As with any injection, injections with RADIESSE dermal filler may hurt. RADIESSE filler is injected in small amounts using a very fine needle. However, with proper numbing, the procedure should be quite tolerable.

What areas can benefit from RADIESSE?
It’s ideal for correcting the following facial areas:

  • Smile lines, also called nasolabial folds, which run from the sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth
  • Cheeks – restores natural volume of the cheeks and lifts the nasolabial lines
  • Marionette lines, which begin at the corners of the mouth and extend down toward the chin
  • Corners of the mouth can begin to turn downward, giving the look of a constant frown
  • Pre-jowls that form along the jaw-line
  • Chin wrinkles
  • Temples – hollowness seen on the ends of the forehead
  • Hands – blends in those tendons that stick out on the dorsum of the hands

What indications or areas is Radiesse FDA approved?
RADIESSE® and RADIESSE® (+) Injectable Implants are FDA-approved for subdermal implantation for the correction of moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, such as nasolabial folds in 2006. RADIESSE® got FDA approval in 2015 for hand augmentation to correct volume loss in the dorsum of the hands and in 2021 for jawline contouring.

Are skin tests needed before treatment with RADIESSE dermal filler?
No skin testing is required prior to use.

Should I tell my healthcare provider what medications I am taking?
Yes. You should tell Dr. Tang about all the medicines you are taking, even over-the counter-medicines or treatments. If you are taking blood thinners or medications that may interfere with clotting of the blood, such as aspirin, you might be more likely to have bruising or bleeding at the injection site. It is recommended that you stop taking aspirin 7 days prior to the procedure. There have been no studies of possible interactions between RADIESSE dermal filler and drugs or other substances or implants.

What can I expect to happen at a treatment session?

  • Dr. Tang will answer all of your questions and prepare you for the treatment.
  • The area where the injections will be given will be cleaned with an antiseptic.
  • Dr. Tang will apply a topical anesthetic and perform dental blocks as needed to numb the area adequately.
  • RADIESSE dermal filler will be injected in small amounts into the skin using a very fine needle.
  • An ice pack may be applied to the treatment area before or after treatment to help reduce swelling.

What are the possible side effects of treatment with RADIESSE dermal filler?
The most common side effects are redness, bruising, or swelling. These side effects generally last for a short time and are mild in nature. As with all procedures that involve an injection through the skin, there is a risk of infection. However, no infections have been reported in the clinical study of RADIESSE filler. Should you experience any concerns, please contact Dr. Tang.

What can I expect after treatment?
Immediately following a treatment session with RADIESSE dermal filler, some redness, bruising, or swelling may occur in the treatment area. These signs usually go away in a short period and are generally mild in nature. An ice pack may be applied to the treatment area to help reduce swelling. Dr. Tang will discuss with you specific post-treatment care instructions.

For approximately 24 hours after treatment:

  • Avoid significant movement or massaging the treated area.
  • Do not apply makeup.
  • Avoid extensive sun or heat exposure.
  • Avoid excessive alcohol 

After you leave the office, you may experience redness, bruising, or swelling for a few days. Not all patients experience these, but please note that such effects can occur and are not out of the ordinary for such a treatment.

You may be able feel the area where RADIESSE dermal filler was injected for some period after injection. Over time, the injected area will feel more and more like your own tissue.

How quickly can I get back to my daily activities?
Most patients feel comfortable going back to their normal activities immediately after treatment with RADIESSE dermal filler.

How many treatments are required?
Dr. Tang will decide with you the number of treatment sessions and the amount of RADIESSE dermal filler you will need at each treatment session. Generally, significant changes may be achieved in a first treatment. A touch-up may be required to achieve optimal results.

What other things do I need to know?
The microspheres in RADIESSE filler can be seen in X-rays and CT Scans. It is very important that you inform your doctor and other health care professionals that you have RADIESSE filler injected in your face. Even though RADIESSE filler can be seen in X-rays and CT Scans, there is not a high risk that it would cause your doctor concern, as long as she/he knows that you have had RADIESSE filler injected in your face.

Without touch-up injections, how will my skin look?
Your skin will begin to gradually look like it did before treatment as you near the end of the time period RADIESSE dermal filler usually lasts. Periodic touch-up injections will help you maintain the look you have after your initial treatment.

Where can I find the best Radiesse dermal filler near me?
At Rejuvé.  We have the experience, artistry, and bedside manner that will give you the possible results.  Please contact us here or call us at 408-740-5320 to set up a complimentary consultation.  We are proud to offer Radiesse to the San Jose Bay Area serving the greater Bay Area CA such as San Francisco, Palo Alto, San Mateo, Santa Cruz, Aptos, and the local communities of Saratoga, Los Gatos, Campbell, Cupertino, Milpitas, and Morgan Hill.


Anesthetic: A substance that causes loss of feeling or awareness. A topical or local anesthetic causes temporary loss of feeling in a part of the body, and may make your treatment more comfortable.

Calcium Hydroxylapatite: Calcium Hydroxylapatite is a biocompatible (compatible with living systems), biodegradable (dissolves in the body) material. Calcium hydroxylapatite is identical in composition to the mineral portion of teeth and bone.

Granuloma: A small area of swelling (inflammation) in the body due to tissue injury, such as from an infection.

Nodule: A lump or growth.

Side effect: An undesirable event caused by use of the product.

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