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Cellulite Reduction- AWT​

Cellulite is a frustrating and discouraging problem for millions of women. It targets young and old, large or thin. It is typically most pronounced around the hips, buttocks, or legs of women. We have all tried various creams, potions, exercise regimens, and fad diets which simply don’t work. Once we get cellulite, we feel cursed because it simply gets worse over time. In my practice, I have been asked over and over why cellulite is so difficult to treat. There are many influential factors such as genetics which affect skin elasticity and circulation, poor diet, lack of exercise, smoking, imbalanced hormone levels, and weight. All of these factors cause fat deposits deep below the skin to be strangulated by fibrous connective tissue, called “septae” thereby making circulation difficult and trapping fluids. Eventually, this connective tissue scleroses (hardens) leading to the dreaded dimpling and that orange peel appearance.

At Rejuvé, we are committed to obtaining the most advanced technologies in treating fat and cellulite. Dr. Tang will evaluate your condition and tailor a treatment plan to meet your needs, goals, and lifestyle. If there is excess fat in the problem areas, he may decide to use Mesotherapy. Originally invented in 1952 by a French doctor, Dr. Michel Pistor, Mesotherapy (pronounced mez-o-therapy) is a nonsurgical alternative to liposuction which reduces fat and cellulite in unwanted areas. The drug is a cocktail of naturally occurring proteins, enzymes, and nutraceuticals that are injected into the “mesoderm,” the layer of fat underneath the skin.

This formulation of medication causes the fat to be metabolized, digested, and excreted by the kidneys. Next, to treat cellulite, Dr. Tang uses a procedure called “Acoustic Wave Therapy.” This recently FDA approved device uses ultrasound waves to mechanically disrupt the fibrous connective tissue, stimulate neo-vascularization which improves circulation (the root of the problem), and initiate an inflammatory response which leads to thicker skin. The end result is that it reduces the dimpling effect, leaving the skin smoother and an even appearance. The smoothing process is accomplished with 6 treatments over 3 weeks. Each treatment is painless and takes 20-30 minutes to complete. Now, for the first time there is a real solution to this nagging problem. 

A painless, non-invasive treatment to improve the appearance of cellulite.

Wear shorts, skirts and swimsuits with confidence again!

Acoustic Wave Therapy™ targets cellulite. Cellulite, or the “dimpling” effect that can occur on the buttocks, midsection, and thighs, is often thought to be caused by excess fat; in reality, however, it is caused by the formation of scar tissue called fibrotic tissue around the fat cells that strangulate the fats cells, compressing the lymphatic drainage and limiting the blood flow of nutrients to this area. This results in unhealthy tissue, the stiffening of connective tissue, pulling the skin down. The activity of the fat cells and the connective tissue produces a dimpled, orange-peel-like skin texture. Acoustic Wave Therapy™ uses ultrasound waves to disrupt the scar tissue and connective tissue, improving circulation and initiating collagen production for thicker, more elastic skin. Normally, a total of 6 treatments is required. Treatment takes place twice a week for three weeks. Each session lasts about a half hour.
Cellulite is a nagging problem for many women, even those who work hard to keep fit. The reason is that cellulite is not a fat problem — it’s a skin problem. Cellulite is made up of fat cells that reside within the skin. They can’t be burned as fuel, so dieting and exercise won’t eliminate them.

Now, through Acoustic Wave Therapy™ (AWT™), women can achieve firmer, smoother skin in the areas where cellulite forms – the thighs, buttocks and abdomen.

How it works…
Enlarged fat cells push the skin up and compress the circulatory system, reducing inflow of nutrients and outflow of waste products. Diminished exchanges in circulation lead to a gradual stiffening of the connective tissue, pulling down on the skin. The push/pull effect creates the appearance of cellulite.

The mechanical action of AWT:
  • Disrupts the connective tissue to firm and smooth the skin.
  • Causes neo-vascularization, improving circulatory exchanges (the root cause of the problem).
  • Initiates an inflammatory process in the skin, leading to thicker, more elastic skin through collagen production. The elasticity of the connective tissue is restored and the skin is smoother. The skin is thicker and more elastic with noticeable improvement to the skin’s texture.

AWT Treatment and Results
Patients are typically treated twice per week for three weeks; the therapy is painless and requires less than a half hour per session. At your complimentary consultation, Dr. Tang will discuss whether you could benefit from this treatment, expected results, and cost of the procedure, and will show you more before and after photos. He will also discuss other possible methods to optimize your results including diet and exercise. You’ll be amazed at what AWT can do for you!

*The above pictures are actual patients but the individual results will vary and these results may not occur in all patients.