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EMFace Procedure Before and After Images

Patients who wish to take years off their face without surgery will benefit from the EMFace procedure, the latest innovation in non-invasive cosmetic treatments designed to correct common signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, skin laxity, and volume loss.

What is EMFace treatment? 

Briefly, the EMFace procedure is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment developed to simultaneously lift and rejuvenate facial skin. What sets EMFace apart from other non-surgical cosmetic treatments is the technology behind it. To rejuvenate the skin, EMFace utilizes radiofrequency energy (RF) to reach the dermal and subdermal layers of the skin. As RF energy is deposited into the skin, it “awakens” the body’s natural healing process where collagen and elastin production is stimulated. The result is rejuvenated skin after treatment. 

Simultaneously, high intensity facial electromagnetic stimulation (HIFES) reaches the deeper layers of the skin, accessing muscles and tissues that were once only accessed through a surgical facelift. This HIFES technology persistently contracts the muscles, which results in a more toned and stronger muscle plane. This process is what gives the face a natural-looking lift.  This will also help create a more defined jawline and can even lift the chin.

EMFace before and after photos

As with any cosmetic procedure, you would want to make sure your clinic of choice will deliver results that are up to your standards. And the best way to determine whether the clinic and doctor are the right fit for you is to see their previous work.

At Rejuvé, Dr. John Tang wants patients to be as informed as possible about the treatments they offer, which is why Dr. Tang makes sure to spend time with each patient to discuss the procedure(s) they are looking to undergo. If you are eager to get started on your EMFace procedure but are not 100% sure yet if it is exactly what you need, please feel free to browse our gallery to view EMFace before and after photos. These are actual photos of patients that have undergone the EMFace procedure.

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After you have viewed the EMFace before and after photos and you still have questions about the treatment, you are encouraged to see Dr. John Tang for an in-office consultation, so he can provide you with more details about the EMFace procedure near me.

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