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Coolsculpting for Love Handles

If you’re physically fit but have stubborn fats, there are non-invasive treatments that can help you get rid of them for good. One of these is the revolutionary fat-freezing treatment, Coolsculpting. For love handles, back fat, bra fat, abdomen, arms, saddlebags, and thighs, Coolsculpting has become the go-to solution for a lot of women, and even men.

If your specific problem area are the flanks, where love handles protrude every time you wear pants or clothing that fits a little snugly, then Coolsculpting for love handles is what you need.

Love Handles: What they are, how they develop, and how to get rid of them

First off, it’s best to know a bit about love handles so you’ll know how to keep them at bay once you’ve had your Coolsculpting treatment.

Love handles are stubborn fats that have accumulated around the midsection around the hips. These usually appear when you wear a piece of clothing that’s a little snug or tight. Sometimes called “muffin top,” love handles are common in both men and women.

How do they develop?

In a nutshell, poor diet and a lack of physical activity are the primary reasons why stubborn fats accumulate and love handles develop. While fat retention may occur anywhere in the body, it may occur in certain areas like the midsection in older men and women as the body’s metabolism slows down, which means less fats are getting burned and flushed out.

In younger people with slim figures, love handles may still develop because of poor nutrition, specifically, taking in too much of the “bad calories,” which are foods that contain high amounts of sugar and foods that have no nutritional value such as junk foods. The high level of blood sugar causes a rise in a hormone called insulin. High levels of insulin acts like a fat stimulating hormone, telling the body to store fat in the love handles and in the bra area in women.

Other factors that may cause love handles to develop also include high cortisol levels in the body, which are stress hormones that may cause a number of health problems including high blood pressure, insomnia, and weight gain. High cortisol levels can increase the insulin levels causing a phenomenon called insulin resistance. The lack of sleep is also a stressor on the body which can cause higher cortisol levels resulting in insulin resistance. Stress can also affect the function of thyroid hormones which may develop into stubborn fats as well.

How to get rid of them: Coolsculpting for love handles

There are various ways to get rid of love handles, from increasing one’s physical activity, doing exercises that target the abdomen and midsection, keeping a health diet, managing stress better, and better quality sleep and more of it. Sometimes, however, these aren’t enough. Stubborn fats, particularly love handles, remain no matter how much you diet and exercise, or live a healthy lifestyle. This is where Coolsculpting for love handles come into play.

What makes Coolsculpting different from other non-invasive fat removal treatments?

The most significant difference between Coolsculpting other non-surgical fat removal treatments is the technology behind the procedure. Coolsculpting uses an advanced fat-freezing technology to freeze targeted fat cells up to a point where they are no longer viable. These “dead” fat cells will then be naturally eliminated by the body. This is why you won’t notice results immediately after treatment.

Noticeable results begin to appear on the third to 6th week following the treatment. Optimal results are achieved about two to three months after you’ve had the procedure. Results are permanent in that eliminated fats won’t return. However, a healthy lifestyle is necessary to prevent new stubborn fats from developing in the same targeted area(s).

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