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I walked in today not knowing what to expect –- my worst fears were about getting a body shaping treatment that was ignoring my underlying condition. You surprised me, your knowledge of the digestive problems leading to unwanted body fat is outstanding. You pointed out specific interrelating factors about my gluten sensitivity that even seasoned nutritionists in the past did not uncover.
I greatly appreciate your knowledge and your in depth research why unwanted body fat appears in the first place.
I will follow your directions to loose weight by addressing my underlying problems first, and wait for your recommendations to use the Freeze My Tummy technology at a later time to address the stubborn fat areas.
Again, thank you for digging deeply into the biochemistry of weight gain, – Gabriele H., Mountain View, September 2014*  
I think this place is fabulous! Having IPL Laser work done, removing Sun spots…will come here in the future for Facials, Skin products etc… – Marryann S., Campbell, February 2014*  
As always.. Dr. Tang did an awesome job. He knew what his patients needed, no more, no less. Also his staff are great support.
I would recommend to my friends. – Anonymous, February 2014*  
Amazing doctors and excellent service. Would definitely recommend. – Soulae, Saratoga, December 2013*  
I received fillers in my cheeks, lips, and various places on my face. The result was an instant visible change of 10 years! The lips looked fuller, I finally had cheeks, and the lines next to my mouth were almost gone. It was a very nice experience, and I would recommend this place to my best friends. – Anonymous, July 2012*  
Greg and I have been patients of Dr. Tang’s for two years, between the two of us for a variety of health and wellness issues. Dr. Tang and his staff are first class. It was our good fortune to find Rejuve and if you are reading this, considering their services I would tell you to look no further. You will thank me. – Deborah, Saratoga, July 2012*  
Dear Dr. Tang and the Beautiful Ladies of Rejuve,
Mahalo! (Gratitude, praise)
I write to you today from the beautiful island of Maui, 30lbs lighter and exponentially happier and confident in life -– marriage, work, play and everything in between.
I wish we would have met years ago; I could have avoided many other unsuccessful programs and enjoyed life at my natural weight. Besides your diet being the only one that has been successful; my weight has stayed the same after numerous holiday feasts, parties and even the recent Hawaiian luaus.
One of the most attractive features of your diet is that I was able to lose the weight in only 6 weeks!
In addition to looking and feeling better (emotionally & physically) I feel as though others around me (including my family, my wife and myself) exhibit more respect. Now when I look at myself in photographs I no longer feel disappointed, discouraged or even disgusted about my weight; I am happy and confident: )
Thanks again for all you have done for me. I have NEVER had a doctor who is as caring or genuine as you; I hope to someday return the professional courtesy. – MB, 01/20/2011*  
It is indeed a LIFE CHANGING experience for me! I lost more than 20 pounds in a program that Dr. Tang optimistically suggested on me. Dr. Tang and his wife Alexandra are both very supportive, knowledgeable and thorough in the whole process. The best thing that I really appreciate are the follow-up phone calls I received from them. Their sincerity and passion in their profession makes me feel SAFE as a patient. I’ve been their patient for more than 2 years now! I also love their chemical peels, IPL Laser, and even their cosmetic skin products! To top it all, I am loving the compliments I get from my friends and family! It really makes me feel better as a person:-) – Hazel A., 11/9/2010*  
I love Rejuve. I’ve been to both Dr. Tang & Alexandra and they both are wonderful. They make you feel right at home. They are very honest people and will never steer you in the wrong way. Their staff is wonderful and I just love all of them. Its hard to find great places with honest people now a days, but Rejuve is one and a million you will not be disappointed. I will never go anywhere else. This is my place forever. – Anonymous, 10/13/2010*  
Rejuve is the place to go! Dr. Tang is absolutely amazing and is an extremely intelligent man. Not only does he treat you well, he also gives very thorough explanations about all of the services. The office is beautiful and the whole staff is very friendly too! Highly recommended – Ava L,7/29/2010*  
I’ve been a patient of Dr. Tang for a couple years now and he delivers the kind of service you would expect from an Old World doctor with great bedside manners. Dr. Tang will spend a lot of time with you explaining his procedures and is a perfectionist. I’ve gone to him for botox, IPL Laser, Fraxel and fillers. Most recently I’ve started a regime of Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Treatment (BHRT). After one month of treatment I can really feel the difference; my sex drive is back (thanks Doctor!), my skin looks better and I’m feeling great. The combination of skin rejuvenation and BHRT makes me feel like I’m in my 30’s. Dr. Tang will followup with you personally after treatments and the results of all the treatments are amazing. I highly recommend Rejuve if you are looking for the best treatment available for staying young. By the way I’m 53, no one would know! – Anonymous, 4/13/2010*  
My mind, body & skin have been through so much in the past couple of years due to some health issues, which included 3 surgeries. Everyone has been more than complimenting lately about how much better I look & I owe it all to Dr. John Tang, his wife Alexandra Tang & the staff at Rejuve.
About a year ago I went to visit Dr. Tang through a referral from a dear friend & the owner of Mona Lisa Hair Salon in Los Gatos who has been looking after me for years. My hair was coarse & thinning (patches of bald spots), my skin scarred & blotchy and my self esteem took a temporary vacation. All of this was a result of a hysterectomy a few years back – my hormones were a complete mess…leaving me with all of the above & nowhere to turn.
I needed help desperately, and with my schedule – this would not be an easy task; definitely not for the weak.
Doctor Tang & his beautiful wife took me in and immediately started from scratch; getting to the bottom of what was happening to me internally as they worked on the exterior – with what they could.
Today, I am a living proof & a testimony to the capabilities of Dr. Tang. Just a year of knowing the doctor, I have fully regained my self esteem; with my skin back (no scars), my hair back (soft & shiny), my hormones balanced and the energy I needed to run a company… Dr. Tang has helped me take back my life as I once knew it (before sickness & surgeries).
I’m not here to sell you anything, only to share my experience with my wonderful Dr., dear friend & his staff. – Jennifer, 4/06/2010*  
Hello, my name is Ramona Ramirez. I have been seen by so many doctors in the past for diabetes, chronic pain, and depression. They have all said that I needed to lose weight and to eat right so I could get my diabetes under control. They sent me to see specialists for things they could themselves could not figure explain. They gave me pills and needles. Nothing they did helped me. My blood sugar was at 300, sometimes more. My depression got worse. Some of the doctors I went to made me feel like I was lying about what I was going through and said it was “all in my head.” I met Dr. Tang and for the first time over a year ago. I felt hope and I knew he was there for me. Dr. Tang talked to me like a person and he understood what I was going through and made me really know about my diabetes just in that first visit. He balanced my hormones and treated my nutritional deficiencies. It has been awhile since that first visit and my diabetes is under control and no longer at 300 and I feel better with my pain and depression. Dr. Tang is the best doctor that I have ever been to. I would recommend him to anyone. He is a doctor that everyone needs. – Ramona Ramirez, 3/12/2010*  
It’s been along time since I’ve written a review for Dr. Tang, but after being a patient for over two years now I can’t say enough good things about his work, the friendly staff and the comfortable, stylish, and modern offices. I pay a lot of attention to my skin and so does Dr. Tang. I’ve had Botox, Dysport, IPL Laser and Fraxel and all of his treatments have resulted in excellent results. Dr. Tang has an outstanding bedside manner and is a stickler for detail and it shows in the treatment results. I’m 53 now and my friends and strangers think I’m in my 40’s and this wouldn’t be so without the perfect treatment he provides. If you are interested in looking younger and feeling great about the way you look go see Dr. Tang.
I just saw the doctor today and we are beginning a treatment of bio-identical hormones (you can read about it in Suzanne Somer’s books) and I’m so excited to see and feel the results. I’ll keep you all posted! – Connie B., 2/25/2010*  
I love Rejuve! They offer numerous services and just about every solution for self improvement! The office is VERY clean and staffed with professionals and experienced workers. Dr. Tang is great because he is honest! He will suggest the areas that possibly need improvements and customize a solution plan/proper service ACCORDING to the patients budget.
Overall, I highly recommend Rejuve to anyone who’s looking to improve their appearance. – Cecil C., 4/19/2009*  
Well let me start off by saying I am truly satisfied with all my treatments and end results. Dr. Tang and Alexandra are truly a great team and are the best at what they do. I have been to many offices that do non-surgical cosmetic treatments but this is a top notch office. Not to mention beautiful and great location. I would highly recommend Rejuve to everyone they are friendly and a very professional med spa. I would like to thank Alexandra for smoothing me out. 🙂 – Karen G,6/20/2008*  
Redness Relief
I am 64, Scottish/Irish descent and have suffered from Acne Rosacea for more than 40 years. My face turned bright red with little or no emotional stress. My nose looked pulpy and swollen, along with extremely sore and pimply eruptions. Recently, age spots started appearing on my face and hands.
It is hard to express how awkward it felt to walk into a room for a meeting and suddenly have a bright red face. I was so worried that people would see me as an “Irish drunk” instead of fully participating in the meeting.
When I became aware of Dr. Tang’s extensive medical training, especially the 4 months of specialized training with a certified dermatologist, I felt very comfortable with him. I have had 3 IPL treatments with GREAT results and a new sense of confidence. Even though the treatments are not complete, I have received comments from friends about how much better and smoother my skin looks now and how the age spots have lessened.
I am starting to look forward to promoting and selling a construction product, face to face, with commercial building owners. That would have been impossible 4 months ago. – Brian Deans, 5/14/08*  
I’m writing to tell you how please I have been with the results of my IPL Laser procedures done by Dr. John Tang in Saratoga, CA. The procedure took about 45 minutes including the time for the numbing cream to take effect. The laser was mildly uncomfortable. Compared to Botox injections it was a breeze. The results were amazing! I am of Euroasion heritage, half Filipino and the other half Dutch/French and have fair skin with lots of freckles, always have had the freckles. I’m now 51 and instead of looking cute and sun kissed, the freckles were starting to join and look like islands. Dr. Tang told me that the IPL laser would make a huge difference in the appearance of my skin.
After one treatment, the majority of my freckles turned dark and fell off after seven days. Yes, literally fell off. The literature says that you will turn red like a sunburn, but I did not and was able to go about my daily business as usual. I couldn’t stop staring at my skin, it looked so great.
I’ve gone for a second treatment for the more stubborn sunspots and will probably go for a third. Additionally, Dr. Tang has been so amazing. He spends lots of time with me unlike some other doctors’ offices that sweep you in and out with no bedside manners.
Dr. Tang’s office is comfortable, new, clean, and the staff are very friendly.
I highly recommend Dr. Tang for whatever skin improvement treatments someone may need. I also have him do my Botox maintenance. I think the results are superior and he didn’t even charge me for a touch up last visit.
I’ll tell everyone that meet how great he is! – Connie*  
My name is Irene and I live in San Jose, California; I will be 75 years old this year. I retired from work 4-1/2 years ago.
I have had 2 Sculptra treatments, as well as Restylane treatments, and I am very very pleased with the results. Everytime I go visit my former coworkers, or we go out to lunch or dinner, they have all told me how wonderful I look. I have been told that I look anywhere from 10-20 years younger. And numerous times, some of my former coworkers were not sure that was really me, and they just went on and on about how much better and younger I look. My daughters both agree and are very pleased with the results.
The treatments were a gift to myself after my Husband passed away 5 years ago. All my life I have always done everything I could for my daughters and grandchildren, and I just felt it was time to do this JUST FOR ME!!!! And I am so glad I did it, I feel very happy and comfortable with myself now. – Irene*  
Meso Miracle
After considerable internet research, I chose mesotherapy for body sculpting for my “love handles.”
In my consultation, Dr. Tang explained the science behind these treatments in great detail. I felt very comfortable in making the decision to move forth and begin the process. The treatments/injections itself were administered with precision and delivered excellent results.
Thanks to Dr. Tang I have been Rejuvénated! My body fat and weight have literally melted away. I look and feel comfortable now with myself and I am looking forward to wear spring and summer apparel.
If I ever feel the need to do this again, I definitely would. Sometimes dieting and exercise are not enough in those hard areas. The meso treatments are ideal for this matter.
Dr. Tang’s office and location is beautiful and serene. The moment you walk in you feel relaxed in a private and tranquil environment. The staff at Rejuvé is very professional and knowledgeable about their products and services.
Thank you so much Rejuvé for going out of your way to make me comfortable and relaxed and making me feel good about myself again! – Monica Jimenez, 04/02/08*   Testimonials about Dr. Tang *The testimonials here are from actual patients. Individual results may vary and the claims made here are specific to these individual patients. These results may not occur in all patients.