Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss treatment starts with an honest assessment of the causes of hair loss. Hair grows constantly; however, as one gets older, the rate of hair regrowth slows down. There are many signs of hair loss, including a receding hairline, thinning scalp hair, excessive shedding, and an exposed crown and the sudden loss of hair patches, particularly in younger people.

It is estimated that 80 million individuals are experiencing hair loss at any given time. Furthermore, 50% of women and 80% of men will require hair restoration at some point due to thinning and weak hairs. Much of it is caused by stress, off balance or deficient hormone levels, past medical treatments, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, environment toxicities, auto-immune disorders, and hair treatment such as bleaching, dyeing, or excessive styling. While hair does grow back in most cases, permanent loss caused by conditions like alopecia could also occur. Some of these cases might require actual hair replacement, while some cases of hair loss respond very well to non-surgical treatment by a specialist.

Most options for hair restoration or replacement consider the natural cycle of hair growth, which lasts 2 to 6 years. The first phase, the Anagen Phase, refers to two to six years’ worth of hair growth at around 10 cm annually. The Catagen Phase then follows – the hair follicle shrinks to about 1/6 of its original size and is detached from the blood supply. The final phase, called the Telogen Phase, marks the end of the hair’s growth. Most of the hair (around 85%) on a person’s head is at the Anagen phase, and it is during this time that hair should be nourished the most to help it grow longer and thicker. Some hair might be lost during the growth cycle due to a condition called a Telogen effluvium (which could be caused by physical or emotional stress), but grows back a few months after the source of the stress is removed.

Some of the hair restoration or replacement options offered by a hair loss specialist may include the application of topical solutions such as Formula 82M, prescription strength Minodixil combined with Retinoid Acid or biotin and saw palmetto, PRP (Platelet rich plasma), ACell and PRP injections, laser light therapy, and nutritional supplements like Viviscal Professional and Nutrafol. Dr. Tang, a hair loss specialist, also provides medical work ups to look at hormonal changes, stress induced hair loss, nutritional deficiencies, auto immune related hair loss, inflammation, and toxicities.

Hair loss restoration and replacement is one of the specialties of Rejuvé, as its founder and hair loss specialist, Dr. Tang, has suffered from male pattern baldness himself. Dr. Tang completed a fellowship in metabolic medicine from the academy of Anti-Aging medicine as a functional integrative MD, where he specializes in looking at the root causes of hair loss. In determining the causes through blood tests, saliva tests, hair analysis, Dr. Tang will recommend the most up to date, productive hair loss restoration or replacement treatment for you. At Rejuvé, our hair loss specialist is well-positioned to help you get back that full head of hair easily and painlessly. Schedule an appointment with our hair loss specialist, Dr. Tang, at 408-740-5320 to determine the best options for hair restoration or replacement.

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