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Dr. Tang: 4 Ways Good Sleep Complements Your Botox Injections in San Jose

Posted by February 1st, 2022 in Face

Anyone hoping to have smoother, fresher-looking skin will benefit from having Botox injections in San Jose, which can soften or remove lines in wrinkles on your forehead, between your eyebrows, and at the corners of your eyes.

As effective as Botox is as an anti-aging treatment, it can’t stop aging and its effects on the skin. However, what you can do in addition to getting Botox injections in San Jose is to observe a healthy lifestyle—which not only means exercising regularly and eating right, but also sleeping well every night.

Below, we list down the 4 ways 8 hours of sleep every night is good for your skin.

1. Your skin gets to relax

During the day, your skin cells work hard to counter the harmful effects of dirt, pollution, and the sun’s harmful UV rays. Nightly sleep allows these skin cells to take a break from all that work.

A lack of sleep also raises the levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, in your body. This makes the skin around the eyes puffy and your skin in general look sullen.

2. Your skin repairs itself

When you sleep well, you give your skin much much-needed time to repair itself. In fact, skin regenerates at three times its normal rate when you’re asleep at night, making a good night’s rest essential to skin care whether or not you’ve received Botox injections in San Jose.

3. Your body undergoes a boost in collagen production

During sleep, your body produces growth hormones that in turn promote collagen production.

What’s collagen? It’s a protein that’s essential in tissue repair and maintenance. In other words, it keeps your skin healthy and beautiful, making sleep a vital supplement to your Botox injections in San Jose.

4. Your skin absorbs skin products more effectively

When you’re asleep during the night, your skin’s process of repair and renewal goes into overdrive. This makes the skin more effective in absorbing anti-aging substances such as glycolic acid and retinols. It’s therefore ideal to use your best skin care products just before bedtime.

Good sleep and Botox injections in San Jose

If you’re going to get Botox injections in San Jose, make sure you also sleep for 8 hours every night. This way, you can enjoy being wrinkle-free and take great care of your skin at the same time.

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