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Unhappy with Botox results? Here are three things you need to know

Posted by May 22nd, 2020 in News

People who choose to get Botox injections do so primarily because Botox is a “quick fix” to unsightly wrinkles that make them look old; often older than their actual age. But while Botox may be the perfect alternative to a surgical facelift or another invasive wrinkle reduction procedures, patients are warned against having the procedure done at the first clinic that they see. Because just like with any other procedure, there could be serious consequences or side effects if done wrong.

What can you do if Botox results aren’t what you expected? Here are three things to know about “Botox gone wrong:”

The exact issue will determine the ‘solution’

Some patients who aren’t too happy with their results complain about having a “somewhat uneven correction,” where one part of the face looks smooth and wrinkle-free while the other parts look older and wrinkled. This could be the result of too little or too much Botox being injected into the target area/s or omitting an area that should have been included. Sometimes, this symmetry problem causes awkward movements, too; expressions they may involuntarily make. If either one of these is your issue, your doctor might recommend additional Botox injections.

Sometimes, too little Botox also results in the dreaded “frozen” look, where an eyebrow, for instance, appears raised. This little-known fact is contrary to popular belief that the frozen look is a result of too much of the medication being injected into the target area.

Sometimes the solution is to wait for the medication to wear off

There are instances, however, when the best solution is to wait for the effects of the treatment to wear off, which is usually three to four months (sometimes six months in some patients) after treatment. Droopy eyelids are a rare side effect of Botox and usually, this is the result of the medication being injected too close to the patient’s eyelid/s, being injected with too much of the medication, or the medication migrating to the eye’s levator palpebrae, or the muscle that controls the eyelids.

When this happens, the doctor could recommend that the patient simply “wait it out,” or allow the effects to wear off, which could take anywhere between four weeks and four months.

The issue won’t be permanent

The good news about all this is the since Botox is a temporary solution to a patient’s wrinkle problems, the side effects are temporary as well. So, whether it’s droopy eyes, uneven look or asymmetry problem, this will all go away in a few months.

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