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Try These 5 Exercises After Your SculpSure Body Contouring Treatment

Posted by July 19th, 2020 in News

Having trouble getting rid of stubborn fat in your midsection, back, arms, and thighs? You’re not alone. Thanks to a revolutionary body contouring treatment known as SculpSure, however, you can attain that sleek, sexy look within weeks. And unlike similar treatments, SculpSure allows you to resume regular activities immediately after the procedure—including exercise.

SculpSure body contouring treatment

SculpSure is an FDA-approved nonsurgical body contouring treatment that uses a laser device to heat and permanently destroy subdermal fat cells. The 25-minute session does not have downtime and leaves no scarring.

You can expect amazing, natural-looking results 6 to 12 weeks after treatment.

Why exercise?

One of the advantages of the SculpSure body contouring treatment is its lack of downtime. It’s recommended you exercise immediately post-treatment, as the physical activity will help your body loosen, break down, and eliminate fatty tissue in the target areas. In other words, exercise can help you achieve desired results sooner.

While any exercise will do, we recommend cardio activities for three reasons: they’re easy, fun, and effective fat burners. Try the following 5 exercises after your body contouring treatment:

  1. Walking/hiking: You can do this almost anywhere, including your neighborhood, a park, the mall, or even on a treadmill. You can also hike up a mountain, through a forest, or anywhere with more challenging terrain. The faster you walk, the more effective your workout, so aim for 100 to 130 steps a minute!
  2. Stair climbing: This is an excellent calorie-burning exercise that also strengthens and tones your leg and glute muscles. So skip those elevators and escalators and climb more stairs after your body contouring treatment!
  3. Jogging/running: Like all cardio exercises, jogging/running will help you lower the risk of heart disease, improve your mood, and hasten the results of your body contouring treatment. Sidewalks, bike paths, and nature trails make great spaces for these activities.
  4. Biking: Whether it’s done outdoors or indoors (using a stationary bike), cycling is a great low-impact workout, making it ideal for those suffering from knee pain. It also builds the muscles in your legs and butt, so try it out after your body contouring treatment!
  5. Swimming: Swimming is one of the best cardio exercises you can engage in. Not only does it burn calories and tone muscle, but it also puts much less stress on the joints, making it suitable for all people regardless of age.

Exercise will also help you maintain your new figure. People who gain weight after SculpSure tend to accumulate more fat in areas that were not treated with the laser device. Try to aim for at least 150 minutes of exercise a week to stay fit, healthy, and beautiful.

If you have any questions about the SculpSure body contouring treatment by Dr. Tang, please feel free to contact Rejuve at (408) 740-5320.

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