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Top Three FAQs About Botox Results

Posted by April 23rd, 2020 in News

There was a time when cosmetic treatments for a younger appearance meant going under the knife, which translates to people shying away from treatments altogether. Nowadays however, cosmetic treatments have become more common thanks to non-invasive options like Botox.

For patients who have never undergone Botox treatment before, the first thing they want to know about this non-invasive wrinkle reduction procedure is the result it delivers. Here are a few common questions about Botox results:

1. How do I make Botox results last?

There are generally three ways to achieve this, depending on your long-term goals. First, you must follow the instructions given by your doctor down to the last detail. From avoiding strenuous physical activities immediately after your treatment session to rubbing the injection sites, there are specific instructions that you must follow to ensure optimal results are achieved.

Secondly, you may consider follow-up treatments if you want the results to last. Follow-up treatments are usually scheduled around the time when you begin to notice the same lines and wrinkles gradually appearing (about three to four months after the first session). Discuss with your doctor your short-term and long-term goals.

Thirdly, if you can combine Botox with a home skin regimen to protect the skin from sun damage using a good quality sunscreen and combine it with daily skin regimen to help build and maintain collagen with anti-oxidants ie Vitamin C and E, peptides, and growth factors this will help maintain the skin and will allow the Botox to last as long as possible.

2. Will I look older once I stop taking Botox treatments?

Most people think that since their “youthful appearance” is no longer being supported by Botox, they will immediately look old—or older. This is a common misconception. First of all, you won’t look any older than before your first treatment. Secondly, you might even look younger than before your first session if you’ve been receiving Botox injections continuously for years because the targeted muscles may have weakened (which isn’t dangerous or uncommon, and they will go back to normal after a while).

Additionally, patients usually make the conscious effort to limit movement of the muscles on the target areas so if you’ve been doing this for a while and it has become a habit, those same wrinkles may not appear prominent even without Botox since there’s limited movement of the muscles.

3. Will my skin care routine affect Botox results?

No, it won’t. You should continue your skincare routine after you’ve had your treatment to help maintain and protect results. However, you should refrain from rubbing or massaging your face, particularly the injected areas, for at least six—up to 24 hours—after treatment.

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