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Three Tips on Preparing for Your First CoolSculpting Consultation

Posted by May 14th, 2020 in News

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive treatment cleared by the FDA for removing stubborn fat in the belly area as well as the flanks and love handles. The procedure utilizes a revolutionary fat-freezing technology to target stubborn fat around the middle area, and allows the body to naturally eliminate the frozen fat cells over time. Optimal results are achieved within two to three months after your CoolSculpting procedure.

Tips for initial consultation

When you visit your doctor to discuss CoolSculpting as a viable treatment to remove stubborn fat in your midsection, it’s important to learn as much as you can about the procedure according to your specific needs and goals. While there’s no doubt you could find a plethora of information on CoolSculpting, from what it is to how it works, remember that each case is unique and each person seeking treatment has unique needs based on their health profiles.

On that note, here are a few tips to help you prepare for your first CoolSculpting consultation:


1. Prepare to be an ideal candidate for the procedure

If you have stubborn fat in the areas that CoolSculpting targets but you’re not within the recommended weight range yet, you have two options: discuss with your doctor weight loss programs that can get you within the ideal weight range or create your diet and exercise regimen to achieve the same. In either case, the goal is to get you within the one to 20-pound range recommended for the fat removal treatment.

2. Prepare your medical history

As with any procedure, your doctor will need to first check your medical history to make sure that you won’t be at risk for serious complications. Make a list of your past medical emergencies and the treatment/s provided for each one. Include medical conditions that you’ve received (or are still receiving) maintenance medication for. Be honest about your medical history as lying about it could potentially endanger your life.

Individuals seeking CoolSculpting treatment may not be an ideal candidate for it if they are pregnant or lactating, or if they have a known sensitivity to cold, have impaired peripheral circulation or hernia in the target area, or if they have open/infected wounds or impaired skin sensation.

3. Learn about other non-invasive fat removal treatments

Why do you need to learn about other non-invasive procedures if the primary reason you’re seeking consultation is to receive a CoolSculpting treatment? Because your unique body type, fat deposit “situation,” and your fat removal goal could be best addressed by another form of treatment. It’s best to learn about these so you can discuss this with your doctor.

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