SculpSure Works on Areas Genetically Predisposed to Fat

Posted by January 4th, 2019 in News

SculpSure is the solution for people who are genetically predisposed to thicker thighs and hips.

We know from various scientific studies that most people have their ancestors to blame for their body types. More specifically, researchers at Oxford University and the Medical Research Council, recently looked at the genetic code of more than 77,000 human subjects, and found 13 gene locations that may influence fat deposition on the hips.

For some who are genetically predisposed to certain body types, while exercise and proper dieting may keep you fit and healthy, they won’t necessarily have the greatest impact on your body’s shape and appearance.

In fact, people who have already lost significant weight from cardiovascular exercises will eventually experience diminishing returns in terms of body shape despite doubling their efforts. Overtraining in cardio exercises like long-distance running and cycling may even cause swelling and engorgement of blood and lactic acid in the thighs and legs.

For stubborn cases of fat in specific problem areas like the hip, thighs, belly, or under our armpits, we recommend SculpSure. This treatment doesn’t discriminate against genetics and level of fitness. It simply targets specific fatty areas and shuts down fat cells by causing them to experience levels of heat beyond what they are able to survive.

SculpSure is a non-invasive, laser-assisted treatment that can be done in 25 minutes. There’s no recovery period after the procedure, and no need to take time away from your busy life. You can even go to work or get back to the gym soon after. Since the body naturally disposes of the treated fat cells over a period of a few weeks, the results are long-term.

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