SculpSure Helps You Lose Weight Discreetly

Posted by November 9th, 2018 in News

How can SculpSure be your key to secret weight loss? We at Rejuve Medical know that trimming isn’t just about looking great, but it’s about feeling great as well. Unfortunately, many weight-loss solutions involve invasive procedures that cause pain, bruising, and scars however small. They may also require weeks of downtime and pain medication that you’ll have to explain to your friends and colleagues.

By contrast, the SculpSure procedure is so simple and easy that you can do it over your lunch break, and come back to work in the afternoon without anyone being the wiser.

Here’s what to expect when you show up for your treatment.

  1. Your clinician will mark your desired areas for treatment and will select an applicator pattern that suits your body-type for optimum results.
  2. Applicators will be fixed in place over your skin using a plastic frame.
  3. Once the 25-minute procedure begins, the clinician may leave the room, but you can contact them at any time using a transmitter button. During the treatment, the laser cycles through deep warmth and cooling intervals.
  4. When the treatment is finished, your clinician will help you remove the frame and applicators.

The treatment works by heating cells up beyond the temperature that fat cells are able to survive. Results are permanent since the excess fat cells will be eliminated by the body slowly over the next few weeks, in a way that will appear completely natural to your friends and family.

Clients have reported having no trouble going straight back to work, or even to the gym after the procedure. There’s no need to use up your precious vacation leaves or spend time bed-ridden while in recovery.

To learn more or make an appointment for SculpSure treatment, call (408) 740-5320 or get in touch via the Contact Us page of our website.

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