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DOT Therapy with the DEKA SmartXide DOT CO2 laser offers the ultimate in skin rejuvenation in about 30 minutes for most treatments. DOT Therapy is ideal for the treatment of sun damage, brown spots, fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity/texture and acne scars. Not only does the DOT offer amazing results, but it does so safely and quickly with less discomfort compared to other laser CO2 devices.


The benefits of DOT Therapy are.

  • Customizable treatment
  • Minimally invasive
  • Quick Procedure
  • Accurate Results
  • More comfort compared to other devices
  • Low risk
  • Rapid healing
  • Renewed skin
  • Treatment of multiple issues at once
  • Usually requires 1-2 treatments


What Will DOT Therapy Do For Me?
If you have spent years in the sun, especially without adequate sun protection, then you know what it can do to your skin. Wrinkles, skin discoloration, sun spots, skin laxity may be reduced or eliminated with DOT Therapy. Also, if you have scars from acne or other skin injuries, then you may also be a candidate for this procedure. Now, using DOT Therapy an innovative, new laser technology, less that 30 minutes in your doctor’s office may restore your skin’s youthful appearance. While the aging process cannot be stopped, with proper care you can maintain your rejuvenated skin’s appearance for many years!


How DOT Therapy is Different!
DOT Therapy is made by an Italian company who is a pioneer and leader in the world of CO² laser resurfacing treatments. Before DOT, many patients endured long, often painful laser resurfacing procedures with lengthy recoveries in order to achieve skin rejuvenation. Historically, many procedures involved vaporizing an entire layer and surface of skin, resulting in significant downtime, discomfort and prolonged redness. In addition, old CO² lasers could not treat non-facial areas like the neck and décolletage easily because skin in these areas did not heal as well as the face.


So how is DOT Therapy different or better? The DOT utilizes a ‘dot’ pattern to create thousands of microscopic perforations in the skin while leaving the areas around each ‘dot’ intact. This fractional laser allows for the skin to heal more quickly from the edge of these tiny ‘dots’. The overall procedure is safer, faster and more efficient. Doctors also have more control to customize treatment specifically to the patient and even modify treatment during the procedure for various skin challenges or problem areas.


DOT Therapy SmartXide Laser

Traditional CO2 Lasers

Recovery time (4-7 days)

Lengthy recovery time (several weeks)

Rapid healing due to DOT pattern

Delayed healing due to ‘blasting’ away layer of skin

Adjustable settings to achieve customized treatment

No flexibility to customize treatment

Minimal discomfort

Patient discomfort and pain

No bleeding

Possible bleeding

Target various types of damage

Nominal flexibility

Treat beyond the face (eyelids, neck, chest, hands)

Safely treat the face only

No adverse reactions

Risk of adverse reactions and side effects


What does Laser DOT Therapy Improve?

  • Reverse the appearance of aged and sun damaged skin
  • Improve skin texture and firmness
  • Smooth wrinkles and lines
  • Decreases age spots and sun spots
  • Reduce the appearance of acne, actinic keratosis and other scars
  • Renew your skin


What is DOT Therapy?
DOT Therapy (Dermal Optical Thermolysis) is a fresh new way to transform skin and enhance its overall appearance. DOT Therapy can reverse the appearance of aged or sun-damaged skin, smooth wrinkles and fine lines and minimize acne scars. Because DOT Therapy delivers the desired outcome with minimal downtime, it is rapidly replacing traditional laser skin resurfacing as the treatment of choice for mild to moderate signs of photo damage.


Is DOT Therapy Safe?
DOT Therapy was FDA approved in 2010.


DOT Therapy is safer than traditional laser resurfacing treatments. Because sedation is not required, the patient is only exposed to a topical anesthetic. Injections and sedation are not necessary with DOT Therapy. Because DOT offers the doctor so much control and customization, patients are treated faster and more precisely. DOT Therapy leaves the skin around each perforation or ‘dot’ intact, which allows for rapid healing and improved complexion. The footprint that the DOT leaves is not as deep as traditional laser procedures which often created painful damage and bruising. Because the DOT creates a shallower, wider pattern, it promotes rapid healing. DOT is minimally invasive and extremely safe, while still delivering excellent results.


How Does Laser DOT Therapy Work?
DOT Therapy is setting a new standard for skin rejuvenation in fractional laser resurfacing. After applying a strong topical numbing cream, Dr. Tang will apply a pattern of tiny scanned pulses of laser energy to your skin with a controlled laser. The DOT procedure is customized to your skin, your current problems, and by the amount of downtime that can be afforded by Dr. Tang.. Adjustments can be made throughout the procedure to more accurately treat specific areas such as acne scars on the cheeks or fine lines around the mouth.


The DOT Therapy laser precisely creates thousands of microscopic holes (DOT’s) in your skin, which induce immediate skin tightening and stimulate new collagen growth. Patients are often amazed at how tight their skin feels immediately after the procedure. DOT Therapy is designed to improve the skin’s texture and tone and to fight fine lines, deep wrinkles, and acne scars.


Unlike other laser resurfacing technologies, DOT Therapy leaves islands of healthy tissue surrounding the microscopic DOTs. This enables your skin to heal more rapidly and minimizes overall damage.


Am I a Good Candidate for DOT Therapy?
DOT Therapy can be performed safely for patients who have light skin with signs of aging skin. Patients who have dark skin including African Americans, some Asians, some Hispanics, and others who have similar skin tone typically are not good candidates because they can get hyperpigmentation (darkened skin), hypopigmentation (lose pigment permanently), or scar. In order to see if you are the right candidate, please call our office to make an appointment today to see if DOT Therapy is right for you.


What is the Deka DOT Therapy Laser Procedure Like?
Prior to the procedure a strong topical anesthetic to your skin to make the procedure more comfortable during the treatment. Intravenous sedation is not required. As you lie comfortably in the doctor’s chair, your skin is immediately renewed by DOT Therapy. The doctor will move the laser around the treatment area utilizing customized settings. After the procedure, your skin will be red and feel warm similar to a sunburn. The next day there will be more redness and a certain level of swelling. The redness and swelling continues for a few days. By day three or four, you will experience some peeling as your fresh and younger looking skin appears. In most cases, your skin will return to its normal appearance in about seven to ten days. For some patients, PRP (platelet rich plasma) is applied to help with healing and to enhance the end result by stimulating more collagen. During the recovery period you will apply a hydrating lotion to keep your skin moist and promote healing. In most cases, women may resume applying makeup after about 5 days.


How Long Does the Laser Procedure Take?
In most cases, DOT Therapy can be performed to an entire face within twenty minutes. Smaller areas take less time.


How Many Treatments are Required with Laser DOT Therapy?
In most cases, excellent results can be achieved in a single session. However, persons with severe wrinkling or deep acne scars may benefit from either a second or third treatment spaced 2-3 months apart. In the consultation with Dr. Tang, the number of treatments and the expectations will be discussed before hand.


What Precautions do I Need to Take After the Procedure to Maintain my Results?
Basic skin care, thorough cleaning and sun protection are key to ensuring your results endure. Wear sunscreen and avoid direct sun exposure whenever possible, but especially in the weeks following treatment.


Why do the DOT Therapy Laser at Rejuve?
Dr. Tang, is a board certified physician who has been performing DOT Therapy and other lasers safely and effectively for over 10 years. He has seen remarkable results for the right patients. Dr. Tang will listen to your concerns and goals and will help determine whether you are the right candidate. He will spend the time necessary to go over the procedure and to answer your questions. Over the years, he has treated thousands of patients with lasers both locally in Saratoga, Los Gatos, Cupertino, Campbell, Mountain View, and Los Altos but all over the San Jose Bay Area and rest of California. Dr. Tang and his staff welcomes you.


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