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Are You a Good CoolSculpting Candidate? Dr. Tang Answers an Often-Asked Question

Posted by February 14th, 2020 in News

CoolSculpting is the answer to fat that won’t go away no matter how much you exercise or diet. A non-surgical fat reduction treatment, CoolSculpting is a revolutionary procedure that freezes fat cells to get rid of stubborn fat in the abdomen, love handles, chin/neck area, chest, back, arms, thighs, and buttocks. It’s FDA-approved and has been proven by clinical testing to be both safe and effective.

Like every other fat reduction procedure in existence, however, CoolSculpting isn’t for everybody. Who, then, make great candidates for this procedure? Allow Dr. Tang to shed some light on this issue.

1. People near their ideal weight

While CoolSculpting shaves off unwanted fat, it isn’t a weight loss solution. It’s meant for people close to their target weight (or within 1 to 20 pounds of their ideal weight). It “sculpts” bodies by removing excess fat just beneath the skin; it doesn’t touch fat found deeper inside the body, such as those that surround organs.

2. People with stubborn fat

As mentioned in the intro, some fat refuses to go away no matter how physically active or diet-conscious you are. You could be at your ideal weight yet still have a double chin. You could be slim everywhere else yet have noticeable bulges at either side of your waistline. CoolSculpting was designed to eliminate these pockets of exercise/diet-resistant fat.

3. People in good health

If you’re currently suffering from a disease or illness that’s seriously undermining your health, then it’s a good idea to get such issues treated before undergoing CoolSculpting. Examples of medical conditions that will disqualify you from a CoolSculpting session include paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria, cryoglobulinemia, cold urticaria, Raynaud’s disease, open or infected wounds, bleeding disorders, impaired skin sensation, and more. Having impaired peripheral circulation, postherpetic neuralgia, or a hernia in the target area(s) will also render your ineligible for the treatment. To make sure you’re qualified for CoolSculpting, discuss your health issues with Dr. Tang.

4. Pregnant or lactating women

If you’re pregnant, lactating, or in the process of making a baby, it’s highly recommended you skip CoolSculpting for the time being.

Are you eager to get rid of fat that’s resistant to all forms of exercise and healthy eating? Then consider freezing those fat cells off via CoolSculpting. If you have any questions about the treatment or would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Tang, please feel free to call our Rejuvé clinic at (408) 740-5320. We’re here to help you achieve the body of your dreams! Rejuve is proud to serve the communities of Saratoga, Los Gatos, Campbell, Cupertino, and San Jose Bay Area.

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CoolSculpting: Double Chin Elimination | Rejuvé

Dr. Tang on CoolSculpting: Double Chin Elimination Has Never Been So Easy

Double chins are not only unsightly, but they’re also notoriously difficult to get rid of via exercise and/or healthy eating. This is where CoolSculpting, a double chin and fat elimination treatment approved by the FDA, comes in.

Most people who’ve heard of CoolSculpting think this revolutionary, non-surgical fat reduction procedure only works on the stomach. However, the treatment gets rid of fat in several other areas, including the chin/neck area.

Before we get to how CoolSculpting double chin reduction works, let’s examine the factors that cause double chins.

1. Weight gain

Gaining excess pounds can lead to the development of an additional layer of stubborn fat beneath the chin. If you eat exorbitant amounts of saturated and/or trans fats, processed foods, and calorie-high edibles, you’re extremely likely to add extra weight to various parts of your body, including the chin, jaw, and neck areas.

2. Genes

Genetics may influence the development of a double chin, especially if your family has a history of double chins or skin lacking in elasticity.

3. Age

Speaking of skin elasticity, our skin becomes less elastic the older we get. This can cause the skin under your chin to sag, which in turn contributes to the appearance of a double chin. If there is too much-sagging skin, the CoolSculpting double chin procedure will not be the right option.
Either a skin tightening device ie laser CO2 or micro-needling RF such as Fractora, or Ulthera can be considered or a surgical neck lift will be needed..

CoolSculpting double chin treatment

Relying on Harvard-developed technology, CoolSculpting uses a device to target, freeze, and cause the natural death of fat cells in the treatment area, which in the case of the double chin treatment is the fatty area beneath the chin. The entire process involves no injections or cutting and can take between one and four hours. While you can expect some mild discomfort and minor side effects during and after the procedure, the recovery period is extremely brief and won’t interfere with most of your regular routines.

After your CoolSculpting double chin treatment, you can expect to see changes in as early as 3 weeks, and huge improvements within 2 to 3 months. The results are lasting as the fat in the treated area is permanently removed.

Are you unhappy with your double chin? It’s time to stop worrying; know that CoolSculpting double chin removal will reveal your chin, jawline, and neck in all their glory. If you have any questions about the CoolSculpting double chin treatment or are ready to schedule a consultation with Dr. Tang, please feel free to call our Rejuvé clinic at (408) 740-5320. We’d be more than glad to help!

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