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CoolSculpting: a Love Handles Removal Treatment Dr. Tang Trusts

Posted by March 6th, 2020 in News

When exercise and a healthy diet aren’t helping you get rid of the fat around your waist and hips, that’s a sign it’s time to turn to modern fat reduction treatments such as CoolSculpting. Love handles are no longer things to be feared; today’s advanced technology ensures even the most stubborn fat can be eliminated.

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical treatment cleared by the FDA. It’s designed to shave off difficult-to-remove fat in the arms, back, stomach, flanks, thighs, saddlebags, and other areas. However, before we discuss CoolSculpting as love handles removal procedure, it’s a good idea to understand the factors that contribute to the formation of love handles.

1. Age

The accumulation of fat in the belly, flanks, and lower back becomes more common with age. Growing old is inevitable, making CoolSculpting love handles removal a useful tool for turning back the clock.

2. Weight gain

Consuming too many calories, combined with the failure to burn said calories, causes fat to accumulate in several areas of the body, including around the waist and hips. A fatty, sugary, high-calorie diet and lack of exercise can, therefore, contribute to weight gain and thus the development of noticeable love handles.

3. Metabolism issues

Certain issues, such as hypothyroidism, stress, and adrenal fatigue can slow down your metabolism, which can make the body less effective at burning calories.

4. Stress hormones

An excess in the stress hormone cortisol has been associated with several issues, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, increased infections risk, impaired cognitive function, exhaustion, and yes, weight gain.

5. Poor sleep

Sleep deprivation increases the risk of weight gain and obesity, studies show.

CoolSculpting love handles treatment

Harvard scientists developed the technology that makes CoolSculpting possible. To get rid of love handles, the treatment employs a device to target, freeze, and cause the natural death of fat cells around the waist and hips. The procedure takes one to four hours and requires no cutting or injections.

Expect a brief and relatively comfortable recovery period after your CoolSculpting love handles treatment. You’ll see changes in as early as 3 weeks, and more dramatic improvements within 2 to 3 months. The results are lasting as the fat in the treated area is permanently removed.

Is the bulging fat around your waist and hips making you self-conscious? Our CoolSculpting love handles elimination procedure will give you a body you can be proud of. If you have any questions about the CoolSculpting love handles treatment or are ready to schedule a consultation with Dr. Tang, please feel free to call our Rejuvé clinic at (408) 740-5320. We’re always happy to help! Rejuve is proud to serve the communities of Saratoga, Los Gatos, Campbell, Cupertino, and San Jose Bay Area

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