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Common Ultherapy Side Effects and Why They Shouldn’t Worry You

Posted by August 12th, 2019 in News

If you browse Rejuvé’s website for photos of Ultherapy results, our Bay Area clinic will provide ample evidence of how effective the procedure is when it comes to reducing signs of aging. Nevertheless, many still find themselves worried about the possible side effects that come with the treatment.

We’re here to tell you that yes, the Ultherapy treatment in San José—and anywhere else for that matter—does result in side effects. What you should know, however, is that these side effects are absolutely nothing to worry about.

Ultherapy before and after: our San José physicians excel in safety

Ultherapy was awarded the approval of the FDA after over 100,000 successful procedures, and hundreds of clinical studies proved the treatment safe and effective in treating wrinkles and loose skin.

Ultherapy also uses ultrasound to target the tissue beneath the skin surface, which leads to the promotion of collagen production—a natural process responsible for skin rejuvenation. Ultrasound has been used for more than 50 years in various medical applications and has also already been proven safe and reliable.

As long as a skilled and experienced professional physician provides the treatment, you can be assured of positive results: vibrant, tauter skin.

So what kind of unwanted side effects can accompany these positive Ultherapy results? San José Bay Area residents should expect minor redness, swelling, tingling, tenderness, and numbness in the treated skin areas immediately after the procedure. A smaller percentage of patients may also experience slight bruising.

Thankfully, these side effects are temporary. Most rarely last longer than a week. Because these side effects are also mild, you can resume your everyday activities immediately—including going to work and engaging in strenuous physical activities. Ultherapy treatment, San José Bay Area medical experts will assure you, has no recovery period; while the duration and mildness of its side effects vary depending on the area treated, they’ll never require you to put your life on hold for hours, days, or weeks on end.

Always remember, however, that it takes a licensed and well trained medical professional to provide this treatment. If you want to avoid potential problems such as thermal burns or nerve injury, you should avoid at all costs seeking help from anyone who hasn’t had the proper training in the use of Ultherapy.

If you’re interested in undergoing Ultherapy treatment in San José, Rejuvé has been providing the service for more than five years. If you’d like more information about the procedure, or would like to see photos of Ultherapy results, our Bay Area clinic’s website can help. Please don’t hesitate to call (408) 740-5320 if you have any other questions or would like to schedule a consultation.

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