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Botox: A Treatment for Frown Lines

Posted by February 20th, 2021 in Face

Among the most visible signs of aging are frown lines, or the vertical creases between your eyebrows that deepen every time you furrow your brow. Thankfully, it’s an issue that Botox, a popular cosmetic treatment for wrinkles and fine lines on the face, reliably treats.

Frown lines

The human face evolved to communicate emotions through specific behaviors. Worry, for example, is often conveyed by furrowing the brow, or when we pull our eyebrows close together so the flesh between them is squeezed and contorted.

Unfortunately, worry is an unavoidable aspect of life, as are all other stress-inducing negative emotions that encourage the knitting of the brow. And it is this repetitive, tissue-squeezing action that contributes to the development of lines between the eyebrows.

These frown lines become sharper, deeper, and more noticeable as we get older. This is because age slows down the body’s production of collagen—a protein responsible for tissue repair and the maintenance of skin elasticity. Thus, our skin loosens and the underlying muscles sag over time. As a result, repetitive motions such as frowning transform the shape and texture of the facial skin.

Of course, the formation of frown lines also has a genetic component. Certain characteristics that we inherit from our parents, such as the tightness of our skin and our tendency towards negative moods, all play a role in the development of frown lines.

Frown lines are often accompanied by glabellar lines a.k.a. forehead furrows, or the horizontal creases on your forehead.

Botox as a treatment for frown lines

Botox Cosmetic is an FDA-approved, non-surgical treatment for facial wrinkles and lines. It relies on a neurotoxic protein known as botulinum toxin, which is generated by the bacterium, Clostiridium botulinum. Thanks to the toxin’s ability to temporarily paralyze muscles, it is used as a treatment for muscle spasms, muscle stiffness, crossed eyes, and others medical issues. In aesthetic medicine, it is used in a similar way to produce the rejuvenating effect Botox Cosmetic is known for.

The Botox Cosmetic procedure injects the toxin directly into the muscles under the skin between your eyebrows. By “freezing” these muscles, the treatment reduces or even eliminates your frown lines. The result is a smoother, younger-looking brow. Any creases that form when you frown are minimal or unnoticeable.

Botox is a simple, safe, and reliable procedure that takes only 5 to 10 minutes. If you’d like to know more about Botox for the chin, kindly contact John Tang, MD at Rejuvé at (408) 740-5320. Rejuvé is

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