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4 Thigh Exercises to Do After Your CoolSculpting Procedure

Posted by April 3rd, 2021 in Body

The FDA-approved CoolSculpting procedure is a non-surgical fat reduction treatment capable of eliminating pockets of stubborn fat in various parts of your body, including the thighs.

Relying on technology developed by Harvard scientists, the CoolSculpting procedure targets, freezes, and causes the natural death and permanent removal of fat cells in the treatment area(s).

The effects of the CoolSculpting procedure are lasting as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle. In fact, it’s highly recommended that you exercise after the treatment; vigorous physical activity helps flush out dead fat cells, allowing you to attain a slimmer, sexier figure faster.

Here are 4 thigh exercises you can do after your CoolSculpting treatment:

1. Squats

An excellent exercise for toning the thighs, squats also sculpt your glutes, hips, and abdomen. As they’re performed while you’re on your feet, they’re real easy on the spine, making them the thigh exercise of choice for people with back problems. Furthermore, there are many types of squats you can do; by allowing you to enjoy such variety, you’ll be more motivated to exercise.

2. Lunges

Lunges have you moving both legs simultaneously, and are great for toning and strengthening your thighs, glutes, and abdomen. They can also improve your balance and hip flexibility. And like squats, they don’t exert much pressure on your spine. They’re definitely one of the best exercises to do after your CoolSculpting procedure.

3. Bridge

A simple, beginner-friendly exercise, the bridge is nonetheless an exceptional way to tone your thighs, glutes, hips, and core. If you want to make your routine more challenging, try doing the exercise with a resistance band wrapped around your thighs.

4. Box jumps

For something a little tougher, try jumping exercises a.k.a. plyometrics after your CoolSculpting treatment. Jumping up and down from a plyometric box will strengthen your quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves, and provide you with a boost in strength and speed. This exercise is particularly useful if you’re into sports; by enhancing the muscular power of your legs, you can perform those fast, explosive movements successful professional athletes are famous for.

If you’re hoping to get rid of fat that’s done nothing but defy exercise and a healthy diet, you’ll be happy to know those stubborn fat cells won’t survive being frozen by CoolSculpting. If you have any

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