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4 More Myths People Getting Ultherapy in San Jose Bay Area Should Be Aware Of

Posted by July 31st, 2019 in News

If you’ve been considering undergoing Ultherapy in San Jose Bay Area or anywhere else in the US, you’ve probably been exposed to a number of falsehoods surrounding the treatment. This is a shame, as such myths prevent people from reaping the benefits of a procedure that’s proven effective in countering the signs of aging such as wrinkles and sagging skin.

We previously discussed some of the more common myths regarding Ultherapy treatment that Bay Area medical professionals have already debunked, such as how Ultherapy is extremely painful or damaging to the facial nerves. Today, we’ll be discussing 4 more inaccurate beliefs that people should watch out for.

Myth 1: Ultherapy melts fat

Ultherapy, the San Jose Bay Area physicians at our Rejuvé clinic will tell you, uses focused ultrasound energy to reinvigorate collagen production in the tissue beneath the skin’s surface to restore youthfulness to the skin. This energy generates heat. It’s tempting to believe that heat, if concentrated enough on a specific area, can melt the fat in said area. This simply isn’t what happens when done by properly trained and respectable physicians because the platform allows for the use of ultrasound technology to visualize precisely where the energy is focused on. If the energy is focused on the skin, the skin is lifted and tightened. If the energy is sent to the wrong layer of tissue, then it potentially could have adverse effects on fat. However, a skilled physician can detect this on the monitor, and ensure energy is always delivered to the right plane, which is the skin.

Myth 2: Ultherapy melts fillers

Ultherapy, San Jose residents may have heard, also melts fillers. Currently, there is no record of this happening—but this is because having the same area treated with Ultherapy and injected with fillers within a short span of time of each other is generally avoided. A respectable physician can give you both treatments in the same session, but only if the procedures are focused on different areas.

Myth 3: You’ll need multiple Ultherapy sessions in a year

Most patients will only need a single Ultherapy session to benefit from its full effects. If someone has severe issues, a second treatment may be required. This is because by targeting the deep tissues just beneath the skin surface, Ultherapy promotes the body’s natural capacity to produce collagen to give the skin a youthful look.

Myth 4: Ultherapy has a long recovery period

Ultherapy, San Jose Bay Area residents will be happy to know, has no recovery time. Any redness or swelling goes away quickly, and patients can go back to their daily activities—even work and strenuous exercise—immediately after the procedure.

Have we piqued your interest in Ultherapy? Our San Jose clinic counts this procedure among its many specialties. Rejuvé has been offering non-surgical cosmetic services such as the Ultherapy treatment to Bay Area residents for over a decade, so if you have any questions about Ultherapy, or would like to schedule a consultation with our doctors, please don’t hesitate to call (408) 740-5320.

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