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4 Common Questions About Botox Post-treatment

Posted by January 7th, 2020 in News

Botox treatment is probably the most popular wrinkle reduction facial treatment today. Both men and women choose this procedure because it’s non-invasive, meaning it requires no surgery, and there’s also no downtime or recovery period; it’s been proven safe and effective. That is, of course, if you go to a licensed and experienced doctor with a reputation for achieving successful results with every cosmetic procedure, not just Botox treatment.

You may already be familiar with the basics of the procedure, like its application through injection. It temporarily paralyzes the muscle to prevent wrinkles from appearing, and results can last anywhere between three and four months, sometimes longer.

What you, and a lot of other people, maybe wondering is if there are any restrictions on things you can do immediately after the Botox treatment. On that note, here are a few commonly asked questions about Botox post-treatment:

1. Is it okay to apply makeup immediately after treatment?

The short answer is “no.” However, the operative word here is immediately, which probably means once the injections have been administered and before stepping out of the doctor’s office. It is okay to put makeup on, on the same day post-treatment, but you will have to wait about four hours to allow the medication to settle (it is preferred to put on light make up at this time while to wait until the next day to put on foundation.

2. When can I take a shower?

If you’re going somewhere and you need to take a shower after your Botox treatment, there’s no reason why you can’t. However, it is advisable that you only take a warm shower because heat from a hot shower may cause the medicine to spread to other parts of the face. There could be an increase in blood flow on your face as it gets heated up, which may cause the medicine to “move around.” This results in a frozen or unnatural look.

3. Can I wash and moisturize my face after treatment?

Yes. You can go back to your skincare routine immediately after treatment without a problem except to hold off any Retinoid products for 3 days. You only have to be careful not to massage the treated area because again, this is to avoid the medication from settling in places other than the target area.

4. I have a workout routine that I strictly follow. Can I exercise after treatment?

As much as possible, doing any rigorous physical activity after treatment isn’t advised, and this includes exercising beyond a walking level activity. The following day there is no physical restrictions. Also, you may want to avoid any upside-down Yoga positions. Botox needs time to settle and do its magic and any rigorous physical activity may cause the medicine to theoretically migrate to another muscle group causing an undesired result.

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